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Sealink was a ferry company based in the United Kingdom, operating services to France, Belgium, Netherlands, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight and Ireland. Ports served by the company included Dover, Folkestone, Newhaven, Southampton and Harwich for services to the European continent Holyhead, Fishguard and Stranraer for services to Ireland, as well as services to the Channel Islands from WeymouthSealink was originally the brand name for the ferry services of British Rail which ran shipping services in the UK and Ireland. Services to France, Belgium and the Netherlans were also run by Sealink UK as part of the Sealink consortium which also used ferries owned by the French national railway, SNCF, the Belgian Maritime Transport Authority, Regie voor maritiem transport / Regie des transports maritimes (RMT/RTM), and the Dutch Zeeland Steamship Company.Historically, the shipping services were exclusively an "extension" of the railways across the English Channel and the Irish Sea in order to provide through, integrated services to Europe and Ireland. As international travel became more popular in the late 1960s and before air travel became generally affordable, the responsibility for shipping services was taken away from the British Rail Regions and in 1969 centralised in a new Division - British Rail Shipping and International Services Division.With the advent of car ferry services the old passenger-only ferries were gradually replaced by roll-on-roll-off ships catering both for motorists and rail passengers as well as road freight. However, given that now there was now competition in the form of other ferry companies offering crossings to motorists, it became necessary to market the services in a normal business fashion (as opposed to the previous almost monopolistic situation).

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A committed and talented staff are a rare resource in this day and age. Sealink’s staff have been nurtured, encouraged and developed as the organisation has grown and underlines the company’s commitment to ensuring that the best and talented staff are retained, so much so that many of the team have passed the 15 year service mark and some are rapidly approaching 20 years with the company.


Mike Packer - Managing Director
Steve Milne - Agency Manager / Health and Safety Consultant
Stuart McPherson - Agency and Customs Assistant Manager
Chris Smith - Agency Department
Iain Cameron - Agency Department
David Mensah-Human Resources Manager (HRM)
Mad Josphine - Mgr
Nina Mackie - Accounts and Administration Department
Brandon Jasmin Cole Human Resources Department (HRD)


SEA Link Inc. (Seafarers Educational Alternative Link)