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Employment and jobs on a liveaboard dive yacht/Cargo & passengers ship
  If you are interested in Employment and or jobs on a liveaboard dive yacht like the Nautilus Explorer, please e-mail your resume to: infogh@sealinkuk.com
  Our vessel is normally crewed with 8 or 9 staff including a Captain, mate, engineer, 2 experienced divemasters, a deckhand, a chef and sous-chef and a chief Stewardess. Staff are expected to multi-task. 12 hour duty days are normal and you can expect that some days will be longer and flexibility will be required. Our standards are extremely high and we look for potential crewmembers who are "self-starters" and "buy into" our commitment to excellence. You must be able to fit in with close working and living conditions. Being a team player is essential and you must be prepared to work through any bouts of seasickness.
Rob's famous and always popular talk on marine mammals Our motto is "icebergs to mantas" and we operate in 5 very different areas - Alaska, British Columbia, Guadalupe Island great white sharks, Sea of Cortez and the Revillagigedo Islands (Socorro). Preference will be given to candidates who have previous experience working on liveaboard charter boats, or are experienced mariners, or are enthusiastic and experienced divers or have a background in marine ID, biology or zoology.
  We have one of the very few (if not the only) diveboats in the world custom designed and built with a SOLAS passenger safety certificate, International Loadline certificate, GMDSS radios for worldwide operations and unrestricted ISM and Safety Management System certification. We do a lot more than just pay lip service to "safety". Fulltime crewmembers will be required to obtain and upgrade maritime certificates with the company providing partial financial assistance.

All the above will be on the ship to work for the company.

1. Accountant Salary-US$5,000 (Five Thousand United States Dollars)Each

2. Cleaners Slary-US$3,000.(Three Thousand United States Dollars)ea

3. Architecture Salary-Us$4,000.(Four Thousand United States Dollars)

4. Model Salary-US$4,000.(Four Thousand United States Dollars)

5. Music Teachers-US$4,000. (Four Thousand United States Dollars)

6. Technician Salary: US$4,000(Four Thousand United States Dollars)

7. Account Clerk Salary-US$4,100.(Four Thousand One Hundred United States Dollars)

8. Electrician Salary-US$3,700. (Three Thousand Seven Hundred United States Dollars

9. Plumber Salary-US$ 4,000 (Four Thousand United States Dollars)

10. Teacher Salary-US$5,000.(Five Thousand United States Dollars

11. Computer Operator Salary-US$4,850.(Four Thousand Eight Hundred United States Dollars)


13. Captain Salary -US$7,000.( Seven Thousand United States Dollars)

14. Chief Mate Salary-US$6,000. (Six Thousand United States Dollars)

15. Chief Engineer Salary -US$6,000(Six Thousand United States Dollars)

16. Second Engineer Salary- US$5,000 (Five Thousand United States Dollars)

17. Ab Salary.-US$5,000 (Five Thousand United States Dollars)

18. Chief Cook Salary-US$4, 000.(Four Thousand United States Dollars)

19. Steward Salary-US$4,200 (Four Thousand Two Hundred United States Dollars)

20. Nurses Salary-US$4,500 (Four Thousand Five Hundred United States Dollars)

21. Medical Officer Salary-US$5, 000(Five Thousand United States Dollars)

22. Casual Workers Salary: US$3,000 (Three Thousand United States Dollars)

23. Logistic Officer Salary-US$ 4,000.(Four Thousand United States Dollars)

Sales Executive Salary-US$3,700.(Three Thousand Seven Hundred United States Dollars)

All Cv's Should be forwarded to  infogh@sealinkuk.com for evaluation and possible consideartion of job onboard

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